Friday 25 April 2014

Collecting Your Car After a Service

All Good Garage Scheme members promise to perform services to a strict Code of Conduct and will always have a customer’s best interests at heart.
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The fifth item on the Good Garage Scheme's Code of Conduct states the garage must “… make parts replaced during service or repair available for inspection by the customer.”
Any reputable garage should do this anyway, but motorists visiting a Good Garage Scheme can be assured that they will be treated fairly.

If you wish to see any parts that have been replaced during a service or repair, it is your right to ask and the Good Garage Scheme member’s duty to show the parts. It is all about building a relationship with the garage. After all, you are entrusting them with one of the most expensive items you own.

You will receive a checklist for work carried out as proof of a job well done and have the opportunity to fill in a feedback card or online feedback following your experience.

There are over 643,000 feedback entries on the Good Garage Scheme website offering consumer choice when looking for a garage you can trust. Visit the Good Garage Scheme’s website at and find a garage near you.

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