Monday 24 August 2009

Free Prize Draw

Simply complete and return a Good Garage Scheme feedback card with your additional comments to gain entry into a Free Prize Draw. You can win one of the following, Wii, Tom Tom, Ipod nano or a digital camera.

Entries must be received by August 31st. Terms and conditions can be obtained from all Good Garage Scheme members.

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Chalking up major success with women motorists

Women motorists are flocking to Good Garage Scheme member Chalky Whites, , to avoid becoming the victims of unscrupulous workshops and service centres.

June Srivalsan, who bought the business five years ago after receiving poor treatment from other service centres, said it has built up a first-class reputation in the area, with women now accounting for 70 per cent of its client base.

She said her experiences of taking her own car into a garage in the past had left a lasting impression on her. June was recommended to use Chalky Whites and found the experience completely different and felt comfortable knowing her car was going to be looked after properly.
June said: “They showed me exactly what was going on with a car I took in and that’s why I eventually decided to buy the garage.

“70 per cent of our customers are women because we are so up front about what we do. I always encourage the guys to take the customers into the workshop to show them what’s happening if we find something wrong with their vehicle. People just love it because it’s different.” June even runs monthly classes on basic motor vehicle maintenance of a motor vehicle, to help customers prevent their vehicles failing MOTs on easily avoidable problems. Advice is also given on what to look out for when buying a new car.

Chalky Whites has now been trading for 25 years, offering a complete car care service from tyres and exhausts to servicing and MOTs. It has put its success down to skilled workmanship, fast turnaround and a focus on customer care. It is a fast fit station for tyres and exhausts and also carries out MOT's, servicing, brakes, clutches and anything else your car may require. Its fully trained mechanics provide all services from major repairs to routine maintenance and replacement parts such as tyres, brakes, exhausts, shock absorbers and batteries.

Being up front and honest is central to Chalky Whites’ success.

Monday 17 August 2009

Air con warning for motorists

Motorists are being urged to ensure their vehicle air conditioning systems are properly maintained to avoid a potential major health hazard. It is vital that air conditioning should be kept healthy to avoid causing flu-like symptoms for vehicle users.

Harmful mould and bacteria can grow in the air conditioning ducts while it is not in use and many drivers can be blissfully unaware of the dangers it can pose when switched back on.
The warning from the Good Garage Scheme has come after a study by German scientists revealed properly maintained systems can cut out more than 80 per cent of germs, fungal spores and particles from outside air, helping people with respiratory problems or allergies.
A Hannover Medical School team monitored air quality in three cars between five and ten years old that had been fitted with air conditioning. It revealed the microbiological quality of air showed "an enormous improvement," ranging from 80.5 to 88.7 per cent, when the air conditioners were on. But researchers stressed the study was carried out on cars whose air conditioners had been properly maintained and whose air filters had been changed regularly.

Fungi & Bacterial Growth

Angelo Chillari, Good Garage Scheme Administrator, said: “The latest research underpins what we have been saying for many years. A properly maintained air conditioning system will ensure that motorists can drive throughout the warmer months, safe in the knowledge they will be able to stay comfortable without potentially putting their health at risk.

“Indeed, the research from Germany suggests that well maintained air conditioning systems can actually improve the air quality in the passenger cabin of vehicles. This will no doubt be a huge benefit for motorists, particularly those with respiratory conditions, which can only be a good thing.”

“Our network of garages and workshops are committed to providing the highest standards of work to their customers. The motorists’ best interests are their priority and by using an air conditioning treatment as routine, their customers will be given peace of mind that their health is not being compromised.”

Thursday 13 August 2009

Good Garage Scheme stars on the small screen

The Good Garage Scheme will star in a new national TV advertising campaign, with the catchphrase ' It's like having a friend in the know', the two-week campaign on ITV1 and ITV2 will kick-off on September 28th. The advert will promote our membership of high quality and trustworthy garages and workshops, giving customer assurance and peace of mind that their vehicles are in safe hands.
Launched nearly three years ago, our 2,756 members comprise of independent establishments where customers are assured of service excellence.

Now widely accepted as a mark of quality for independent garages across the UK, Good Garage Scheme garages are recognised as providing exceptional service to their customers based on a rigorously monitored mandatory code of practice. Customers looking for their nearest Good Garage can quickly locate one using the easy to use facility on the Good Garage Scheme website -

We have done trial regional TV campaigns before but this is the first time we have run one nationally and we are looking forward to seeing how it is received by consumers.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Good Garage Scheme launches campaign to prevent ‘holiday horrors’

We have launched a campaign to help motorists avoid a 'holiday horror show' as they gear up for a summer getaway.

A 21 point Summer Holiday Check has been created for our 2,764 members to help keep their customer's vehicles' free from trouble during the holiday season.

You can find details of the Holiday Check on the Good Garage Scheme website it covers checking engine oil, brakes, coolant system, tyres and tyre pressure, windscreens, wipers and lights with a further critical check of air conditioning systems.

With more people looking to stay in the UK for a holiday this year, more often than not their vehicles become a vital part of their break. All too often though, motorists run into trouble because they have failed to carry out simple checks on their vehicles. For example, if you are towing a caravan or have a boot full of luggage it is essential to look at tyre pressure to make sure you are driving safely. It is also very important to check lights are working properly, including tail lights.

Power steering fluid and brake fluid is also another area to look at, especially when you consider how much more work the brakes need to do with the additional weight on board. Statistics have shown that one in three vehicles needs brake fluid changing while around 3.5 million motorists in the UK are driving on illegal tyres.

By checking for problems before the holiday season starts Good Garage Scheme members will make sure motorists and their families enjoy a trouble free summer holiday.