Monday 5 October 2015

Is your car ready for the worst winter in 65 years?

According to meteorologists, this coming winter could be the worst in 65 years.  With the complex weather pattern known as El Nino predicted to be the strongest since 1950, experts are warning of a long, harsh winter with heavy snowfall.  As if it couldn’t get any worse, some reports are also heralding the early arrival of plunging temperatures and snowfall as soon as this month.

is your car ready for winter text with snowflake
Even if you are not one to believe in early weather forecasts, it is always better to be safe than sorry, which is why we are advising motorists to get their vehicles checked now to minimise breakdowns and repairs when the winter weather arrives.

Salty roads and freezing conditions can cause problems for cars during the colder months, but being prepared beforehand can reduce this impact, not to mention the cost of repairs.

mechanic, Good Garage Scheme, WInter Check, checking tyre with clipboardThe Good Garage Scheme Winter Check will prepare your vehicle for driving in cold conditions.  This essential check not only carries out standard tests on bodywork, lights and suspension but will also address winter-specific concerns such as:
  • Checking and recording antifreeze protection
  • Carrying out a tyre report
  • Checking the operation of interior and exterior lights
  • Ensuring windscreen washers and wipers are in full working order
  • Checking power steering operation and fluid levels

Ignoring the warning signs and simply waiting until your next annual service could mean your car faces problems and costly repairs this winter, particularly if the weather is to be as severe as is predicted.

It is quick and easy to find a reliable garage in your area offering the Good Garage Scheme Winter Check.  Simply visit our website and input your postcode to find a nearby garage. 

If you’re out and about this winter why not take our app with you?  A garage you trust will never be far away.

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