Monday 30 January 2017

Love your Car!

Miles Better holding Red heart with car logo, Good Garage Scheme
Miles Better says, "Love your Car"
Roses are Red, 
Violets are Blue, 
Look After Your Car 
And it will look After You!
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Good Garage Scheme asks you to spare some affection for something you may often overlook...your car.
It's always there to take you and your family to work, school and for the all-important weekly shop, but do you give your car the due care and attention it deserves?
Whether it’s booking that overdue service, checking the oil or making sure you make a note of the due date for your MOT or insurance renewal, there are plenty of ways to show you love your car.
The Good Garage Scheme can help. Simply visit for motoring advice or to make an appointment with your local member garage for a Winter Check.

Monday 23 January 2017

Ford Tops Good Garage Scheme Searches in 2016

With just under half a million searches on the the Good Garage Scheme website in 2016 from motorists looking for a garage they can trust, our research can reveal that most visitors were looking for someone to service or repair their Ford.

Visitors looking for a local garage to service, repair or carry out an MOT on their car can visit to find a list of local garages and then read previous customer reviews to make an informed choice before booking in the car for work.

Motorists are able to book an appointment with ease through the website's online booking system and the garage will confirm the requested date and time.

The Top 10 cars searched on in 2016 were:
  1. Ford
  2. Volkswagen
  3. Vauxhall
  4. BMW
  5. Audi
  6. Renault
  7. Mercedes
  8. Peugeot
  9. Honda
  10. Toyota
If you haven't found your local Good Garage Scheme member, visit or download the free app for your next car service, repair or MOT and budget for your next service with a Good Garage Scheme Service Plan.

It's like having a friend in the know!

Monday 16 January 2017

Driving on ICE

Despite an unseasonable start to the year in most parts of the UK, temperatures are predicted to drop in many places.

Is your car ready for Winter, snowflake, snow
Icy roads are always a danger during the winter months, especially as it is sometimes a hidden danger in fog or darkness.

This week’s tips give advice on how to deal with driving on ice, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

  • Only drive if it is really necessary. In very bad weather it is better to stay in or take public transport rather than risk an accident. Always check the weather and road conditions on your route before setting off
  • Make sure you know how the demister settings on your car work and how to adjust them properly
  • Never pour hot water on the windscreen as the sudden temperature change may cause cracks. Prevention is better than cure, so if possible cover the glass overnight with cardboard or an old sheet to prevent freezing, or invest in a windscreen cover. Adding boiling water or heating up a key can melt plastic components in modern car locks so be gentle when it comes to warming them up or use a squirt of de-icer
  • If you haven’t done so already, get an antifreeze check at your local garage or fast-fit centre. Keep your washer bottle topped up with an even stronger concentration of de-icer
  • It might sound like old advice, but you need to triple or quadruple the distance from other cars in front of you in icy conditions. If a car has to stop suddenly or  an accident occurs, you will need that extra time to react and stop

IAM RoadSmart, Logo
Richard said: “As ever preparation and planning are the key to worry-free driving when the mercury plummets. Plan your route carefully as major routes are likely to be treated with salt and less likely to be icy although this might still form in dips and on bridges. Leave more time for your journey. Respect the conditions and don’t expect your journey to take the same amount of time as normal. Factor in delays and give yourself plenty of time to clear the ice properly from all the windows of your car. A crystal clear view will give you the best chance of surviving the arctic blast.”

The Good Garage Scheme would like to to thank IAM RoadSmart for this week's reminder on safe driving in the winter.

For a Winter Check on your vehicle, visit your nearest Good Garage Scheme member garage here.

Monday 9 January 2017

Don't be Dazzled by the Winter Sun

sun, glare, car, windscreen, wiper bladesWhile any amount of sunshine is welcomed at this time of year, the glaring low winter sun is taking no prisoners.  In 2015 dazzling sun was a factor in over 2,500 crashes including 17 fatalities.  Even though we have many tools that aid in protecting us from the glare, we often forget to use them.

This week’s tips from from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, offers good advice on how to stay safe on the road with the glare of the sun on rampage...

Keep your windscreen clean both inside and out. Dirt or salt residue will magnify the effect of the sun.

Regularly check for chips or cracks on the outside of the windscreen. Replace worn wiper blades and make sure your washer bottle is kept well topped up with good quality screen fluid strong enough to avoid freezing.

Keep a cloth or chamois to wipe away the dirty film that builds up on the inside due to screen heating and condensation.

Use your sun visor. It may sound pretty standard but a surprising number of people forget.

Invest in polarized sunglasses and remember to take a rest. Your eyes will strain quickly if you are squinting.

Slow down and leave extra space between you and the driver ahead if you are dazzled. This will give you more time to regain full control and assess the situation. 


IAM, RoadSmart, Logo

Richard said: “Low winter sun may not deliver a useful tan, but a clear view of the road ahead is vital if you are going to get through the winter as safely.”

To find out more about IAM RoadSmart products and services visit the new website

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Leicester Garage shorlisted for Award

After winning the 2016 National Small Garage of the Year title at the 
Automechanika CAT awards, an accolade based totally on the opinions
and feedback of customers, Huncote’s Main Street Garage has been shortlisted for the 2017 award.


CAT Award 2016 Small Garage of the Year
“We are all delighted,” said managing director Simon Taylor.

“As a village garage we know how important it is to go that extra mile for our customers, and their satisfaction is our future."

He continued, “It is apparently unprecedented for a garage to win successive awards, but we are trying very hard!”

Main Street Garage has been a Good Garage Scheme member garage since 2013 with a five-star customer rating. 

The Good Garage Scheme would like to wish the team at Main Street Garage the best of luck. 

Customers can vote for Main Street here in the "Small Garage of the Year" category.