Friday 22 June 2012

Safe Summer Driving with a Holiday Check

Is your car ready for your summer holiday?  Our research has found that 55% of holidaymakers this year will be cutting costs by holidaying at home.  However, very few motorists have considered the effect a breakdown could have on their staycation.
Safe summer driving
According to further research by the Good Garage Scheme, 58% of British holidaymakers will not have their cars checked before heading out on the road this summer, which means thousands of motorists could be putting their lives at risk by travelling in cars that are unfit and dangerous.
To help avoid a costly breakdown during a summer getaway, there are a number of checks you can make to ensure you don’t miss out on a great holiday because your car has let you down.
  • Tyres – look after your tyres and they will look after you. Ensure correct pressure to cope with increased weight of luggage and passengers. Check treads are legal to keep a firm grip on the road – they are the link between you and the road!
  • Oil and Fluids – check, top up and change oil and coolant if needed to ensure a smooth running car and prevent engines overheating.
  • Washers and wipers – they can take a hammering over the winter so check and see if wiper blades need replacing.
  • Brakes – listen for excessive noise from brakes and have the discs and pads checked for excessive wear. Motorists can get used to driving with worn brakes without realising the danger. It’s essential to check them regularly.
  • Air conditioning – check for a bad smell such as a dirty sock smell that may indicate harmful mould and bacteria in the air conditioning ducts which can cause flu-like symptoms.

Still unsure if your car is fit to travel?
Check Tyres Good Garage Scheme Holiday CheckProper preparation will give you the peace of mind that your car is in the best possible condition before you head off on your ‘staycation’.  To enable drivers to have their cars checked before their holiday starts, the Good Garage Scheme has launched a comprehensive 21-point Holiday Check.
The 21-point Holiday Check includes:
  • Air conditioning operation and cabin comfort
  • Fluid levels
  • Lights and wipers
  • Tyres and exhaust
Simply visit to find a garage near you to check your car before you set off.
Free Good Garage Scheme app
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The Good Garage Scheme app is an ideal travelling companion to have when driving on holiday. Voted App of the Week recently by AutoExpress and cited as one of the best motoring apps of the year by The Sunday Times, it allows you to pinpoint your local Good Garage Scheme member on the move, from anywhere in the UK.  It’s like having a friend in the know! Click here to download our free app.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Lights, Camera, Action at Lawlor Motor Company

Long-standing Good Garage Scheme member, Lawlor Motor Company in Newcastle-upon-Tyne were only too happy to help when we asked to film our latest national television advertising campaign at their premises. 

Photo courtesy of Lawlor Motor Company

Photo courtesy of Lawlor Motor Company

We are grateful to the team at Lawlor Motor Company for taking time during a cold February day of filming and especially to owner, John Lawlor - quite the natural film star!

The Good Garage Scheme advert is currently appearing on SKY TV during June and you can see John alongside our newly named animated character, Miles Better.

Many thanks again to John and all of the team at Lawlor Motor Company. For more photos of the making of the advert, visit Lawlor Motor Company's Facebook page.

Click here to see the Good Garage Scheme's TV advert currently running on Sky TV.

Friday 1 June 2012

Say Hello to Miles Better

Thank you to all who participated in our “Name Our Star” competition.
We invited all Good Garage Scheme members, staff and our followers on Facebook and Twitter to come up with a name for the new star of our TV advertising campaign. We had some great suggestions including Gary Toogood, Frank, Carter Fix, Harry,  Mike the Mechanic and even a Tarquin, but the popular choice was Miles Better.

Congratulations to Heidi Twigg, whose husband owns MT Cars Ltd in Whittlesey. MT Cars has been a member of the Good Garage Scheme since 2007 and has a five star feedback rating. Heidi came up with the name and won a free tank of fuel for her creative name.
Colin Austen presents cheque to Heidi Twigg.  Also in photo: Mark Twigg, Chris Simpson and Kim Vawser

Miles Better will next appear on SKY television in June during the Good Garage Scheme's next national television campaign helping to spread the message, "It's like having a friend in the know!"

Follow Miles on Facebook here and also on Twitter: @MilesBetter_GGS