Friday 19 February 2016

Spread the Costs of your Car Maintenance

We all know that prevention is better than cure, but we don't always prepare for the cost of an annual car service.

No matter what the age, mileage and condition of your vehicle, it will require repairs at some point as a result of everyday wear and tear. Regular servicing can alleviate the long-term impact of this wear and tear by identifying any potential issues and correcting them before they escalate to a costly item to repair.

Monthly payments via direct debit are the most common method to keep up with the demands of most household bills, enabling people to spread the burden of large costs.

However, how many people can say they budget monthly for their car servicing?

Whilst many of us know that planning in advance and putting aside money for car servicing and repairs is the sensible option, budgeting for this important item is not always straightforward unless you are following a plan.

Thanks to a new service from the Good Garage Scheme, motorists can now budget for their car servicing and take some of that worry away.

The Good Garage Scheme Service Plan is now available to help motorists keep their cars on the road and in good condition.

Participating Good Garage Scheme member garages will offer their customers the option to pay a small monthly amount into a Service Plan so that when their annual car service is due, the money is ready and the service can take place.

Not only does this allow motorists to budget for their car maintenance, but it can also save them money in the future as a regularly-serviced vehicle is less likely to require repairs than one which has not been serviced for some time.  Another bonus of a well-maintained vehicle is that when you come to sell the car, it will maintain more of the value with a fully stamped service book.

For more information, visit the website.

Monday 8 February 2016

Save Money on Your Next MOT

According to advice from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agengy (DVSA), around 40% of cars fail the MOT test at the first attempt.

  • 30% of all faults relate to lighting and signalling
  • 10% of all faults relate to tyres
  • 8.5% of all faults relate to ‘Driver’s view of the road’

This means extra cost for repairs to improve the standard and possibly an extra cost for the re-test.

How can you save money on your next MOT?

By checking the following items before you take the car in for your test.

1. Are your lights working? Ask a friend or family member to come out to the car and help you check.
2. Are your tyres in good condition and is the pressure correct?
3. Are your mirrors, wipers and washers in good working order?

Remember - an MOT test is NOT a service

Don't be fooled into thinking that an MOT test means that your car has been serviced. The MOT is an assessment of some of the most important items on your vehicle checking that it meets legal standards.

It is not the same as having a service and it does not check the general mechanical condition of your car.

Find your nearest Good Garage Scheme member to carry our your next service.

Monday 1 February 2016

Congratulations Bond Motors

The Good Garage Scheme would like to congratulate the team at Bond Motor Services in Kingswood, Bristol. They have achieved the national prize for top number of customer feedback in 2015 collecting just under 1400 during the year and maintaining a five star rating.

Steve Andrews presents award to Bond Motor Services on behalf of Good Garage Scheme
Steve Andrews of Good Garage Scheme presents national award to Mark Lavington and owner Gary Bond                  

Celebrating its 25th year in business in 2016, Bond Motor Services recognises the importance of providing an excellent service and actively encourages customers to share their experience via the Good Garage Scheme¹s feedback system.

Gary Bond, owner of Bond Motor Services, comments: "We are delighted to have been awarded the Good Garage Scheme's National Prize for Top Customer Feedback, which demonstrates the hard work put in by the team here at Bond Motor Services and the efforts of Mark Lavington, our General Manager, in particular. We¹re dedicated to providing the highest standards of workmanship and service and place great importance on seeking feedback to help us serve the needs of our loyal and valued customers."

Anndi Sheppard, the Good Garage Scheme's Marketing Manager, concludes: "Winning the Good Garage Scheme¹s National Prize for Top Customer Feedback is a great achievement for Bond Motor Services and we would like to congratulate them on their hard work and success. This award highlights the importance the Good Garage Scheme places on providing excellent customer service, as well as the importance of seeking reviews to help us ensure that we keep the needs of the motorist as our top priority."