Monday 30 November 2015

BBC asks Good Garage Scheme Member about Winter Checks

FIVE LAMPS AUTO Centre premises photo Nigel Cash from BBC Radio Derby interviewed Craig Lane from Five Lamps Auto Centre on the Sally Pepper show and asked for advice on the Good Garage Scheme's Winter Check.

Here are some of the things they discussed...

BBC: Why is it so important to check our cars at this time of the year - when temperatures plummet?
Craig Lane: It is important as there is more dangerous driving during poor conditions.
We need to make sure that things like tyres and windscreens are ok.

BBC Logo, BBC RADIO DERBY BBC: Do people overlook the need to have these checks done?
Craig Lane: Yes, people have their cars serviced once a year and believe that is all that's needed for the year. There are differences between a summer check and a winter check.

BBC: What are some of the things that people overlook during their own checks that are part of the Good Garage Scheme Winter checklist?
  • Tyre tread depth
  • Antifreeze and antifreeze strength
  • Windscreen wash 
Craig advised that water alone will freeze and an antifreeze solution is required. He recommended a 50/50 mix to prevent it freezing when you need it most.

Nigel also spoke with Craig about winter tyres and had a Winter Check carried out on his own car while he was at the garage.

Listen here for a limited time. The interview starts on the iPlayer at 46 minutes into the programme and continues about at hour later at 1:47.

If you would like to find a Good Garage Scheme member near you to carry out a Winter Check, visit the Good Garage Scheme website and enter your postcode or town name.

It's like having a friend in the know!

Thursday 26 November 2015

Drive Less Live More

Drive less live more, Road safety, Brake Charity

Why drive less, live more?

According to the charity, Brake, every day five people die on UK roads, and 64 more are seriously injured – causing needless devastation, trauma and suffering.

Brake witnesses this through its victim care services. The vast majority of these serious casualties, which went up by 4% last year, are down to driver error.

Brake believes road safety isn’t just about driving safely and legally or using the green cross code, although these are important. It’s about making our streets safe and pleasant for everyone to use freely, and doing everything we can to protect ourselves and people around us.
A big part of that is driving less, as little as possible, or not at all if you can.

It’s common for people to habitually walk the few metres from their front door to their car and drive, even if they’re only going round the corner. A quarter of car journeys (23%) are less than two miles. People who walk or cycle often have to face busy, noisy streets, full of pollution and fast traffic. Is this the way we want it?

Walking, cycling or using public transport not only helps to make our streets safer, more pleasant and less polluted, it has personal benefits too. It can save families a lot of money, help people live healthier, more active lives, reduce stress and illness, and help people connect with their communities.

Brake, the road safety charity logoThat’s why Brake is asking everyone to consider how they use roads, and to see if they can drive less, live more, and walk, cycle or use public transport instead, to help make our roads and communities safer, happier, healthier and less polluted places.

The Good Garage Scheme supports the charity, Brake, in their efforts to help create a world that has zero road deaths and injuries, and where people can get around in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and enjoyable.

For more information about Brake visit their website.

Friday 20 November 2015

New budgeting solution takes the headache out of car servicing

Green money box shaped in car with white tick and hand putting coin inHaving a safe, reliable and economical family car has now become essential for almost every household, be it for the school run, getting to work or the weekly grocery shop.

However, keeping a car well maintained can also be costly, especially at a time when incomes are under pressure. With this in mind, the Good Garage Scheme  has introduced a Good Garage Scheme Service Plan to provide motorists with a simple and flexible means of budgeting servicing and MOT costs throughout the year through interest-free monthly instalments.

Good Garage Scheme Service Plans are inflation-proof and ensure that the price of parts, labour and oil is fixed for up to three years. The new plans are available to suit each driver’s needs with a choice of plans for interim and standard servicing with or without an MOT and are inclusive of parts, labour and VAT according to clearly defined terms and conditions.

Setting up a plan is easy: Motorists just need to visit and choose the member garage and plan that best suits their requirements. Then, when the time comes to book a service, it can be arranged at a participating Good Garage Scheme member workshop with the peace of mind that there will be no unexpected bills to pay once the servicing is complete.

Both new and used vehicles can be serviced as part of the plan and depending on the car’s engine size, can be arranged for one, two or three years. The plan can also be easily transferred and any costs easily adjusted if a driver changes their car. No membership card is required and motorists can view their plan details and balance securely online, as well as cancel their plan at any time.
Good Garage Scheme Service Plan Logo

Why not spread the cost of your car servicing and MOT payments just as you would with other household bills?


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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Good Garage Scheme's Miles Better on DAVE TV

The Good Garage Scheme's television advert will appear on DAVE TV from Monday, 9th November alongside popular programmes such as Mock the Week, Top Gear and Blackadder.

The national television campaign aims to increase awareness of the Good Garage Scheme and how easy it is to find a local garage to trust for car servicing, car repair or MOTs.

The Good Garage Scheme's animated TV star, Miles Better, will appear once again to help spread the message about the Good Garage Scheme...

"It's like having a friend in the know!"

To view the ad, simply visit the website.

Monday 2 November 2015

Remember Remember to Drive Safely

fireworks, bonfire, dark sky, people watching the fireworksBonfire Night and the days around it will mean there will be more families and young children out and about on the roads in the dark.

Good Garage Scheme Tips for Bonfire Night

1. Check local websites for event information
Find out all you can about your local Bonfire Night celebrations ahead of time. Many organised displays will list times, prices and locations of free car parking facilities on a website.

2. Plan for Local Road Closures
Leave in plenty of time to arrive at your local celebrations so that you don’t miss out on the best places to view the fireworks. Roads closer to the event may be closed, and you may need to park further away from the venue than normal. Don’t forget a torch to guide you through any unlit pathways.

3. Drive Slowly
Young children excited to see fireworks and bonfires may not be used to walking in the dark evenings. Drive slowly and take extra care when driving this weekend to avoid any accidents.

The Good Garage Scheme advises all drivers to take extra care on the roads around the celebrations planned for the 5th of November and be aware of pedestrians going to and from their cars to attend events.

Have a safe and happy Bonfire Night.