Thursday 26 November 2015

Drive Less Live More

Drive less live more, Road safety, Brake Charity

Why drive less, live more?

According to the charity, Brake, every day five people die on UK roads, and 64 more are seriously injured – causing needless devastation, trauma and suffering.

Brake witnesses this through its victim care services. The vast majority of these serious casualties, which went up by 4% last year, are down to driver error.

Brake believes road safety isn’t just about driving safely and legally or using the green cross code, although these are important. It’s about making our streets safe and pleasant for everyone to use freely, and doing everything we can to protect ourselves and people around us.
A big part of that is driving less, as little as possible, or not at all if you can.

It’s common for people to habitually walk the few metres from their front door to their car and drive, even if they’re only going round the corner. A quarter of car journeys (23%) are less than two miles. People who walk or cycle often have to face busy, noisy streets, full of pollution and fast traffic. Is this the way we want it?

Walking, cycling or using public transport not only helps to make our streets safer, more pleasant and less polluted, it has personal benefits too. It can save families a lot of money, help people live healthier, more active lives, reduce stress and illness, and help people connect with their communities.

Brake, the road safety charity logoThat’s why Brake is asking everyone to consider how they use roads, and to see if they can drive less, live more, and walk, cycle or use public transport instead, to help make our roads and communities safer, happier, healthier and less polluted places.

The Good Garage Scheme supports the charity, Brake, in their efforts to help create a world that has zero road deaths and injuries, and where people can get around in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and enjoyable.

For more information about Brake visit their website.

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