Friday 7 June 2013

Is Your Car Ready for Summer Driving?

With the summer holidays fast approaching, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to get their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe, reliable and comfortable as the temperature increases.  Members of the Good Garage Scheme across the UK are offering a Holiday Check to offer drivers peace of mind, as research undertaken by the organisation has found that 38 per cent of motorists do not plan to get their car serviced before their next long journey.

Towing a caravan or carrying passengers with a boot full of luggage demands that a car is in the best possible condition to provide safe, reliable and comfortable summer motoring.  The 21-point HolidayCheck provides an expert assessment of a vehicle’s condition, covering essential areas including the condition and level of the coolant and engine oil, as well as the brakes, tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and lights.  The Good Garage Scheme also recommends that motorists have their air conditioning systems checked.  Harmful bacteria and mould may have built up in the ducts of systems that have been switched off during the cooler months, posing a health risk to drivers and passengers as they switch them back on.

Phil Dugmore, the Good Garage Scheme’s Technical Manager, comments: “The Holiday Check campaign gives motorists the confidence that their car is well prepared by getting it expertly checked at their local member workshop.  With our research finding that 38 per cent of drivers are not thinking about getting their car serviced before setting off on a long journey, the Holiday Check aims to give motorists peace of mind before setting off on travels with family and friends.”

Visit and enter your postcode to find your local Good Garage Scheme member offering the Holiday Check.  Smartphone users can also download a free iPhone or Android app to help them locate a nearby Good Garage Scheme member anywhere in the UK.

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