Friday 17 May 2013

More Motorists Download Good Garage Scheme's Free App

The Good Garage Scheme's TV ad appearing on SKY TV this week has really caused a stir.
Not only has the website been busy, but the number of motorists downloading the Good Garage Scheme's free app has increased by over 200%.

In fact over 200 motorists have downloaded the app in the first three days of the campaign.
The Good Garage Scheme's television ad shows a motorist searching for a Good Garage Scheme member on her iPhone and it is as easy as it looks. If you haven't seen the Good Garage Scheme ad for yourself, please visit

To download the Free Good Garage Scheme app for your smartphone, simply visit and follow the links to download the free app available for android devices and iPhones. It's peace of mind for the next time you need to find a garage you can trust, wherever you travel in the UK. 

It's like having a friend in the know!

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