Thursday 13 June 2013

Breathe Easy This Summer

When the sun finally does come out this summer, you will naturally reach for the coolest setting of your car's air conditioning once again to drive in comfort. Like most people you probably haven't given the air conditioning unit a thought over the winter, but while turned off for so many months, bacteria, mould and fungi may have collected in the pipework.

Bacteria found in the ducts of
 a vehicle's air conditioning 
A bad smell in the car is a telltale sign that the air conditioning system needs a specific treatment. Nasty bacteria and mould are not so easily detected but may cause allergic symptoms for the driver and passengers.

Good Garage Scheme members are offering customers a Holiday Check this summer which includes checking the operation of the air conditioner including a bad odour. The check can be carried out while you wait.

Why not find a local Good Garage Scheme member offering the Holiday Check and make sure you and your passengers can "Breathe easy".

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