Wednesday 5 September 2012

Good Garage Scheme Advises on Back to School Driving

school crossing signOver the past few weeks, driving into work has been a delight. You will hopefully have experienced clearer roads, shorter journey times and a less stressful journey. In London, the combination of the Olympics and school holidays has meant the roads have been considerably quieter. However, September is here and it’s important to take extra care as the school run starts again.
The school run brings with it approximately 20 per cent more rush hour traffic. A little preparation beforehand can go a long way to making your journey much easier. Give yourself a bit more time for your journey – and yes, that just might mean ten minutes less spent in bed.
Take your time. Don’t compromise your concentration and the safety of other road users by being in a hurry. Leaving the house five minutes earlier changes the nature of how you make the journey. The extra time allows for any delays.
Whether you’re ferrying the kids or driving to work, your commute to work is likely to involve passing schools and residential areas. Take extra care on the roads to compensate for the fact that children won’t always be paying attention, especially when approaching the school gate.
If you’re dropping your children off to school, don’t stop on the yellow zigzags by the school gate. Try to stop in a safe place ensuring you let your passengers out on the pavement side. This makes it easier for vehicles to get past and avoids causing congestion in front of the school.
If your child has a friend nearby who attends the same school, consider sharing the driving. Arrange an informal deal with other parents to reduce the driving pressure.

Be aware that the speed limit surrounding the local school may have been reduced to 20mph, so slow down and keep an eye out for children crossing the road.
If your children are walking to school on their own, make sure they are aware of the potential hazards such as crossing busy roads and encourage them to always use the pedestrian crossing if there is one. 

The Good Garage Scheme is grateful to the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) for today's blog on back to school driving safety. For more information about the IAM visit


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