Wednesday 29 August 2012

Lollipop Lady Language Lesson

September is synonymous with "Back to School" and lollipop ladies (and lollipop men) will be donning their high visibility caps and coats to help children safely cross the roads. But how many drivers understand the signals they use?

Here's a Back to School test courtesy of the Good Garage Scheme.  

What are the lollipop ladies below telling drivers with their signs and hand signals?


1. Not ready to cross pedestrians
2. Ready to cross pedestrians, vehicles must be prepared to stop
3. Barrier to stop pedestrians crossing
4. Vehicles must stop

How did you do?

If you weren't aware of the lollipop signals, the Good Garage Scheme hopes that you will now be well prepared when they begin signalling to drivers again next week.

Please remember to use caution when driving in school zones and keep your eyes open for all pedestrians during school drop-off and pickup hours.

For more information about signals by authorised persons, visit

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