Thursday 20 September 2012

94% Answered "YES"!

Great news! The Good Garage Scheme's most recent poll of over 1300 motorists reveals that 94% DO know where to find the dipstick in their cars. We are hoping that means that those motorists are regularly checking their oil but suspect this may not be the case.

"Do you know where the oil dipstick is located on your car?"

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and checking the oil is easy and quick. If you are unsure of how to check your oil, please see the Good Garage Scheme's handy guide below.

Step 1:   With your car parked on level ground, warm your engine up to operating temperature, then  stop the engine long enough for the oil level to settle.

Step 2:   Lift the bonnet and pull out the dipstick

Step 3: Wipe the dipstick clean, then replace.

Step 4:  Remove dipstick again and read oil level - ideally the level should be between the minimum and maximum markers.

Step 5: If the oil level is close to or below the minimum marker then your oil needs topping up.

Please note: Top ups must be with the correct Grade of engine oil for your vehicle. Check your manual for further information.

If you still feel you'd like to leave it to a professional, simply visit your nearest Good Garage Scheme member garage who will be happy to check for you.

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