Tuesday 3 July 2012

Good Garage Scheme is all a-Twitter!

The UK-wide Good Garage Scheme has proved that social media can benefit the automotive business by recruiting a new member through consistent social media activity.

Good Garage Scheme Twitter image
John Wyatt of Manchetts Garage
Manchetts Garage based in Cambridge and Newmarket was already aware of the Good Garage Scheme but was unsure of the member benefits. The independent garage already had its own Twitter account, from which it regularly tweeted special offers and blog posts.  Upon seeing a number of consistently informative tweets from the Good Garage Scheme, Manchetts sent a direct message to enquire about membership.

“I followed the Good Garage Scheme by chance. Someone I follow retweeted something they had sent out and when I had a look at the kind of tweets they were sending, I realised that they had some really interesting facts and advice on motoring that garages like mine could benefit from”  said Mandy Manchett, Marketing Manager, Manchetts Garage.

“I liked the fact that the Good Garage Scheme is consistently tweeting interesting content and engaging with followers. It uses Twitter to actively promote member garages and I wanted Manchetts to benefit from being a part of an online independent garage community.”

The Good Garage Scheme is regularly active on Twitter and its Twitter name @GoodGarages was another feature that raised the interest of Manchetts.

“I think the Good Garage Scheme has a really good Twitter handle, which says everything you need know about it. It quite literally is a network of good garages, working together to offer the best service possible to motorists” said Mandy.

Apart from social media, the Good Garage Scheme offered Manchetts appealing benefits as a Good Garage Scheme member. Mandy added: “I particularly like the feedback system the Good Garage Scheme has in place for its member garages. Customer relations are very important to us and we want to hear when we have done a good job so we can build on the positives and improve our service even more.”

Follow the Good Garage Scheme on Twitter @GoodGarages and have a look at our Facebook page.

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