Thursday 2 June 2011

Motorists urged to make vital vehicle checks ahead of potential surge in ‘staycations’

Motorists looking to holiday in the UK this summer because of concerns over ash clouds or flight disruptions are being urged to make vital vehicle checks to avoid ‘staycation’ disasters.

The call has come from the UK-wide Good Garage Scheme ahead of holidaymakers taking to the nation’s roads this summer in vehicles which could leave them stressed and stranded.

The Good Garage Scheme has launched its summer ‘Holiday Check’ campaign with a comprehensive 21-point checklist for over 3000 member garages aimed at ensuring their customers’ cars run as smoothly as possible during the holiday season.

Common problems on unchecked vehicles include failing to check coolant levels to avoid overheating engines and driving on tyres with the wrong pressure to cope with the increased weight of luggage and passengers.

Other checks that can be made before taking to the roads include brakes, clutches and power steering, fluids and oils to help prevent breakdowns on busy roads which could potentially ruin a holiday before it even starts.

Motorists still concerned about what to check on their vehicle can find their nearest Good Garage Scheme member offering a ‘Holiday Check’ by visiting

Phil Dugmore, Good Garage Scheme Technical Manager, said: 'The recent problems with the volcanic ash cloud have prompted many people in the UK to look closer to home for a holiday this summer. For those heading to the coast or other UK holiday hotspots this summer, making sure their cars are in the best condition possible can’t be stressed enough.'

'Power steering fluid and brake fluid are particular areas to look at, especially when you consider how much more work the brakes need to do with the additional weight on board. Statistics have shown that one in three vehicles needs brake fluid changing while around 3.5 million motorists in the UK are driving on illegal tyres. These are all potential problems that can be avoided, making sure motorists are driving safe vehicles that are less likely to wreck their family holidays.'

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