Wednesday 8 June 2011

Annie Othen discusses trusting garages on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire

Having taken her car in for an MOT yesterday, Annie Othen raises the question on her programme, “How can we trust a garage when we know so little about cars?” and asks listeners about their experiences at garages.

The Good Garage Scheme was invited by BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire to participate in Annie’s programme. Angelo Chillari, representing the Good Garage Scheme, explained why Good Garage Scheme garages can be trusted. They abide by a Code of Conduct and provide customers with a 50 point Industry Standard Checklist when servicing cars. Motorists can have a look at the checklist prior to taking their car in for a service by visiting and downloading it from the website.

Angelo said, 'It is vital to build a relationship with the garage. Help your garage to build the relationship. Ask for old parts. Good Garage Scheme members won’t mind showing customers the parts because it shows you are interested in your car and interested in finding out how it works.'

He added, 'The Good Garages Scheme’s Code of Conduct is just very good, basic business practice.  It encourages garages to look after their customers.'

Angelo told Annie and her listeners that the best way to learn more about the Good Garage Scheme was to visit and enter a postcode to “find a garage you can trust”.  There is information on the website to help motorists learn about their cars and when to have a service.

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