Thursday 26 May 2011

Motorists wise up to better fuel efficiency

With escalating costs of fuel and insurance, we’re all well aware of how expensive the cost of motoring has become. Getting more for your money is becoming increasingly important with better fuel efficiency and keeping vehicles in the best possible condition high on the agenda.

How can I start?

Developing better driving habits is the key to ensuring YOUR vehicle is running as fuel efficiently as possible, including:

•    Staying within speed limits and avoiding driving aggressively
•    Avoiding sharp breaking and accelerating – and save up to 30% in fuel costs
•    Planning journeys to avoid extra mileage if you get lost
•    Removing roof boxes to reduce drag
•    Removing heavy items, such as tools, from your boot to avoid overworking the engine
•    Not overusing air conditioning

What next?

So you’ve started to change your driving habits but you still might not be driving as efficiently as possible. What’s the reason? Skimping on or simply ignoring your regular vehicle service. While you might think you’re making a saving in the short term, driving with the incorrect tyre pressure alone can significantly reduce fuel efficiency and fuel consumption by up to 2%.

Poor wheel alignment can lead to your car pulling to one side, again reducing fuel efficiency while increasing wear and tear on your tyres.

System contamination and increased wear and tear on components can be caused by failure to change the oil. It can all add up to one thing – a potentially hefty repairs bill when problems that could have been avoided start to crop up. STILL think you’re making a saving?

So what do I do?

Look for your nearest UK-wide Good Garage Scheme member at and type in your postcode to find your nearest member garage. A self-regulatory body for independent workshops and MOT centres, the Good Garage Scheme ensures the best industry standards are maintained by its members. It has more than 3,000 members who adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and offer an Industry Standard Service.

The Good Garage Scheme
‘It’s like having a friend in the know’

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