Tuesday 24 May 2011

Most dangerous road is again the “Cat and Fiddle”, Good Garage Scheme learns.

A notorious section of the A537 in the Peak District, known as “the Cat and Fiddle”, has again scooped the unwanted title of the UK’s most dangerous road.

This road has been the most lethal stretch of UK highway for the last four years, with an increase of over sixty per cent in the number of accidents on its twelve kilometre length.
The geography of the local area plays its part in adding to the dangers with hills and narrow bends, in addition to weather making the road so hazardous.

The Road Safety Foundation’s findings highlight the peril of single-carriageway roads in comparison to dual carriageways and motorways. Their report highlights that single carriageways are more dangerous due to their ‘frequent blind corners and sweeping bends’.

Measures indicated by the report to improve safety figures included road resurfacing, plus making road signage and markings a lot better. These measures employed on fifteen roads across the UK have seen a reduction in the number of serious injuries and fatalities by around as many as three hundred people.

Road Safety Foundation Director Dr Joanne Hill said: ‘These are practical, largely inexpensive solutions which will pay back the costs of investment in an average of 10 weeks and go on saving lives and saving money for the nation for many years to come. Much of this remedial work can be done as part of routine maintenance.’


  1. A537 Macclesfield - Buxton
  2. A5012 Pikehall - Matlock
  3. A621 Baslow - Totley
  4. A625 Calver - Sheffield
  5. A5004 Whaley Bridge - Buxton
  6. A54 Congleton - Buxton
  7. A530 Whitchurch - Nantwich
  8. A285 Chichester - Petworth
  9. A581 Rufford - Chorley
  10. A675 Blackburn – Bolton

Source: Road Safety Foundation

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