Thursday 3 June 2010

Get your car ready for summer with the Good Garage Scheme Holiday Check

As the weather warms up and more people are expected to holiday in the UK this summer, it is essential that motorists make sure their cars are fit for the hot weather conditions and long distance driving with a simple Holiday Check for their vehicles.

This week, the Good Garage Scheme launches a national campaign to help motorist avoid problems as they gear up for the summer getaway. The 21-point summer Holiday Check is being carried out by workshops and garages throughout the country, with vital checks to ensure the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. The Holiday Check is recommended for all vehicles planning long distance journeys, but if you’re towing a caravan or a boot full of luggage, your car will require more attention to tyre pressures and fluid levels to make sure you are driving safely, so the Holiday Check is more than essential to ensure a hassle-free holiday.

So what are some of the things included in the 21-point Holiday Check?

- Lights and wipers check
- Air conditioning operation, including check of bad odours
- Engine oil check and top up
- Battery level check and lubrication of terminals
- Cooling system check for leaks and heat output
- Brake fluid condition check
- Tyre report, including pressure, tread and condition
- ABS operation and air bag warning lights check

View the full Holiday checklist used by the Good Garage Scheme members here, and find your local Good Garage Scheme member offering the Holiday Check by visiting Good Garage Scheme Holiday Check and type in your postcode.

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