Wednesday 24 August 2016

Get Set for the School Run

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With the summer holidays now drawing to a close, many parents are busy getting their children ready for a new academic year ahead, buying numerous ‘back to school’ items for their loved ones, such as uniforms, stationery and sports kit. However, one area that’s often overlooked is the family car and the need for it to provide safe and reliable transport for the daily demands of the school run. In response, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to get their cars professionally checked as term begins.

Good Garage Scheme workshops across the UK can offer motorists peace of mind by providing an expert assessment of their vehicle’s condition as the new school year starts.

All essential areas of the car should be examined including the following:
  • condition and level of the coolant and engine oil
  • tyres - for correct pressure and excessive wear
  • wiper blades
  • windscreen and fluid
  • lights

This will ensure the car is ready for the wet and cold months ahead. Not doing so can increase the risk of having a collision, especially if a car’s tyre pressures are low, making it hard to maintain grip and easier to skid in wet conditions. Being able to see and be seen is also important as the days start to get shorter, making it essential to inspect all bulbs to ensure they are working, as well the operation of heaters and windscreen washers.

Getting a car serviced at a Good Garage Scheme workshop also helps drivers make the most of the money they spend on fuel, whether filling with petrol or diesel. Good Garage Scheme member garages can help motorists cut their fuel bills by as much as 14 per cent by cleaning and lubricating the entire fuel system to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

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