Thursday 18 August 2016

Fields Car Centre Feature in National News

Good Garage Scheme member, Fields Car Centre Ltd in Woking held another Ladies' Night in July and made the national news.  Erin Baker, motoring journalist from The Telegraph, attended the evening and published a glowing report entitled, 'A garage where women are not patronised'.

ladies around open bonnet of car with instructor at ladies' night
photo courtesy of Fields Car Centre in Woking
Erin Baker had previously heard an interview with Richard Fields on the BBC Surrey breakfast show and decided to book a place at the event.
The team at Fields Car Centre were quite taken aback by her positive and flattering comments, and it was nice to see a positive report on the motor trade in the news.

Erin Baker commented, "I had myself the finest, most useful, cheering, pleasant evening I've ever had in the car industry."
She assessed the evening as, "Ingenuity, kindness, honesty and a stroke of brilliance."

Mike Field said, "We started our ladies' nights because we saw an unfulfilled need.  I guess our integrity was simply to acknowledge that ladies are often patronised by garages, so we set out to try to do something to change that.We also realised that a huge proportion of the people who bring their cars to us are women.  Single ladies from the elderly to the young, but also many wives and partners bring in their family cars, not the men.  So we can actually see more ladies during a day then we do men."

Click here to read The Telegraph article from 23rd July 2016 in full.
ladies around bonnet of car in workshop
Photo courtesy of Fields Car Centre Ladies' Night

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