Friday 14 August 2015

Diesel Prices Lowest Since 2010

The BBC reported today that the average price of diesel has fallen below 113p per litre for the first time since January 2010*. Supermarkets have cut their forecourt prices, and diesel prices were lower than petrol prices for the first time since July 2001.
fuel pumped into a car by a man showing hand only

Petrol prices have also fallen this week which is welcome news for all motorists. There is a handy tool at Petrol Prices website which allows you to find the lowest fuel prices in your area. If you sign in, you can change the settings on the finder tool to look for cheapest diesel, LPG or premium diesel as well as petrol in your area and also check more than one postcode.

Whatever the cost of fuel, the Good Garage Scheme recommends that you visit your local member garage to ensure your are getting the most from what you buy. A clean engine is an efficient engine. Ensure your car is working as efficiently as it can, and make the most of every drop of fuel.

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*Source: Experian Catalist information group report

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