Friday 5 September 2014

Watch out - Little Ones About

In most towns and cities across the UK, schools are back. Motorists have been used to quieter roads but traffic has definitely changed.
This morning on my way to work, there were two separate incidents that were thankfully avoided. One involved two small children holding hands and waving to school friends across the road to their right just as they reached a crossing. Their mother was following closely behind pushing a third child in a pram. Had these two little ones stepped out without looking, they might have caused their mother quite a scare.

Another incident occurred only five minutes from the office. A child was taken to school by car. The driver stayed in the car while the child got out safely on the pavement but then crossed the road behind the car without looking either way. Luckily, I was not travelling more than fifteen miles per hour and my brakes did not let me down, but it was heart-pounding moment.

Small children are excited and do not realise the dangers of the road,  so motorists need to take extra care during this "back to school" season.

Ensure your car's brakes are ready to cope with school traffic and school children new to road safety. Visit your local Good Garage Scheme member and ask a professional's advice.

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