Monday 3 March 2014

Spring is in the Air

As the UK emerges from the wettest winter since records began, the Good Garage Scheme is urging motorists to get their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe and reliable in the months ahead.

Debris such as mud, stones, tree branches and extra water left behind in the wake of past storms has affected the surfaces of roads most noticeably with the increased number and size of potholes. These combined factors can have an adverse effect on a car’s vital components including the steering, suspension, wheels and tyres, as well as wiper blades, lights and heating systems that have been used extensively in the wet and windy weather. The good news for motorists is that the Good Garage Scheme's Spring Check is available at participating member garages from today.

The 21-point Spring Check provides an expert assessment of a vehicle’s condition, covering essential areas including the condition the brakes, tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and lights, as well as the coolant and engine oil.

With the first day of spring on 20th March and the prospect of warmer weather, the Good Garage Scheme is also recommending that motorists think about getting their air conditioning systems checked and cleansed. Harmful bacteria and mould may have built up in the ducts of car ventilation systems during the recent damp conditions, posing a health risk to drivers by circulating unpleasant bugs into the car.

Visit and enter your postcode to find your local Good Garage Scheme workshop offering the Spring Check to ensure your car is in good health as the warm weather returns. Smartphone users can also download a free iPhone or Android app to help them locate a nearby Good Garage Scheme member anywhere in the UK. 

It's like having a friend in the know.

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