Thursday 9 August 2012

Are We There Yet?

"Are we there yet?"

 We all know how hard it is to keep children entertained in the car and with the school holidays upon us, the Good Garage Scheme would like to offer some tips to keep your younger passengers happy.

 Oldies but Goodies

  • I Spy with my little eye... most of us have played "I Spy..." and this is still a firm favourite for many families and sure to take up a little time on the journey. 
  • Sing along...why not try something different. If you are travelling to France, play some French music. The children may pick up a few new words.   
  • Number Plate Games...there are many varieties; count the number plates with a particular letter, make a word using the last three letters, see who's quickest to add the numbers

New ideas

  • Alphabet game:  Pack a shopping bag with plastic alphabet letters. Pass the bag around and ask each child to choose a letter without looking. They can then can say a word or country that begins with the letter.
  • Name the capital: Print a page from the internet listing countries down one side and the capital cities down the other. Fold the page in half and take turns guessing the correct capital cities
  • Make up a story: Each person takes a turn to add a sentence to story. If someone can write it down as you go, even better!
  • Audio books...most local libraries have a good selection of books read by fantastic actors. Everyone can listen and you can even have intervals to stop and talk about the story.
  • DVDs..a popular choice these days with the option of a portable DVD player. Make sure everything is charged before you pack.
  • Little Geographers...print a colourful map of the journey with landmarks noted and give a copy to each child. Let them follow along and make their own notes. 

Food and Rest

Pack snacks and drinks in smaller packets using different containers especially for the holiday. This helps with rations and squabbles over quantities.

Plan to take more frequent rest stops and allow for a few extra minutes to play outdoors if possible.

The Good Garage Scheme wishes everyone a happy summer holiday and safe driving.

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