Tuesday 27 March 2012

Unused Air Conditioning Systems Top the List for Driver Concerns

Seventy-three per cent of motorists think their unused air conditioning systems are the part of their cars that require the most "TLC" after a long winter.

The remarkable figure comes courtesy of a recent customer poll by the Good Garage Scheme, which asked over 3,300 motorists what parts of their cars they think require extra "TLC" after the cold winter months. Unused air conditioner came out on top as the motoring nation’s biggest concern; 62% more saying that they are worried about their cooling system rather than their engine. Tyres (6%), windscreen wipers (5%) and brakes (4%) also made the final list.
Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can amass harmful mould and bacteria through periods of disuse that has been linked by medical professionals to ill health, symptoms of influenza and even Legionnaires' disease – a potential killer!
Legionella bacteria are widespread in nature, mainly found in air conditioning and cooling systems which spread droplets of water over a wide area. Circulating water droplets in air-conditioning and cooling systems, cooling towers and evaporative condensers have been proven to cause such side effects as a high temperature, cough, muscle pains, headaches and in more extreme cases, pneumonia, diarrhoea and mental confusion.
Dr Sarah Jarvis, television GP and blogger at Patient.co.uk, said: "We all value our health, but in our busy lives it’s all too easy to forget that overlooking simple maintenance tasks can put our health at serious risk. Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal lung condition which can be spread through air conditioning systems, whose warm water provide an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria that cause it. These days, most cars are equipped with air conditioning systems – and they need proper maintenance to keep them safe. Look online at Patient.co.uk to find out more about Legionnaires' disease and how you can avoid it."
Anndi Sheppard, Marketing Manager for the Good Garage Scheme added: “The results of our latest poll show that a significant number of motorists are concerned about their air conditioning systems. Fortunately, there are thousands of Good Garage Scheme members able to offer a Spring Check and offer peace of mind going into the warmer months.”
To find a garage offering a Spring Check, visit http://www.goodgaragescheme.co.uk/spring_check and enter your postcode or town name.

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