Thursday 22 September 2011

Tips for Driving in the Autumn – See and Be Seen

As the days become shorter and darker, the Good Garage Scheme recommends that you carry out a few safety checks and offers advice to help you prepare for autumn driving.
Clean your windscreen
Dazzle from low sun is inevitable at this time of year. Make sure your windscreen is clean, both inside and out to help you see clearly. Be aware of other drivers who may be caught out by dazzle.
Check your windscreen wipers
Also, check your windscreen wipers. If you are in doubt if they need renewing, visit your nearest Good Garage Scheme member for advice.

Check your windscreen washer fluid
A smear across your windscreen will make visibility poor. The Good Garage Scheme recommends you top up your windscreen washer fluid regularly and especially before setting out on a long journey.
Are your bulbs working?
It is also important for other motorists to see you! Check your bulbs weekly. Ask a friend or neighbour to help you with this and let others know if you spot a missing bulb on their car. They may not be aware of it.

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