Thursday 4 August 2011

Are we nearly there yet? How do you keep kids entertained on long road journeys? The Good Garage Scheme provides some tips.

August normally sees thousands of families take to Britain’s roads to journey to the seaside with their children for their summer holiday. For some, this can take families several hours which any parent knows can provide challenges when it comes to keeping their kids entertained.

Ideas exercised by parents in years past include various in-car games like I Spy or various alphabet-based games, magazines, puzzle or colouring books or children’s card games like Snap or Old Maid.

With the developments in technology, the options have become ever more sophisticated. Nowadays many choices of gadget exist to ease the boredom. Portable DVD players, iPods and console computer games can be really useful at breaking the monotony of road travel for younger passengers.

Even with all these options, journey times can still be tedious for children. So what else can you do?

One option is to stop off at a recreational area like a park to allow them to run around for a while to help them release some pent-up energy. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure the kids are comfortable by making sure they have enough room and are not cramped by luggage.

What ideas have worked for you and your children?

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