Thursday 3 March 2011

Fair Fuel UK petition with superb public response delivered to Downing Street. Good Garage Scheme urges even more to sign.

With the Chancellor’s Budget less than three weeks away, the Fair Fuel UK campaign team, led by former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson, yesterday delivered the first wave of a petition to Downing Street. Over 120,000 signatures have been obtained in under eight weeks of campaigning.

During Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, Robert Buckland, South Swindon’s MP, asked: “At a time when prices at the petrol pumps are going up and up, will the Government do all that it can to ease the pressure on hard-pressed motorists?”

Prime Minister David Cameron answered: “I know how difficult it is for motorists, and particularly for small businesses and families, when they are filling up at the pumps and paying more than £1.30 a litre. As we have said, we will look at the fact that extra revenue comes to the Treasury when there is a higher oil price, and see if we can share some of the benefit of that with the motorist.”

The Fair Fuel UK campaign was established to seek an abolition of April’s planned rise in fuel duty and for the introduction of a fuel pricing stabiliser to keep costs down over a longer time period.

Constituents are being urged to contact their MPs to support the campaign and a growing number have been pledging their support over the last few days.

The Fair Fuel UK website provides a variety of information about the campaign and gives an opportunity to sign the petition online.

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