Tuesday 1 February 2011

Planned fuel duty rise under increasing pressure to be scrapped, Good Garage Scheme reads.

The Government is under increasing pressure to abolish fuel duty increases intended for April, in the wake of ever-increasing fuel prices in 2011. With 33 million motorists being impacted, it is clear something needs to be done.

When asked about the matter recently, Mr Osborne said: “If we are able to do something about it we will do it before April.”

It is unclear at present if the Government is intending to abolish the whole increase or just the fuel duty escalator above the rate of inflation.

Edmund King, president of the AA, highlighted motorists concerns saying: “A 3.4% drop in petrol sales during the last quarter, at a time when prices were actually falling, indicates that many drivers have reached breaking point.”

A fuel stabiliser has been seen as a way of reducing the strain on motorists by reducing taxes if oil prices increased and increasing taxes if they fell. The spokesman said the Treasury was looking at the issue of the stabiliser, but added: "Any answers on this are going to be in the Budget."

The Fair Fuel UK campaign, set up last month, is growing in popularity with tens of thousands of signatures received for their petition. For more information on the campaign, please click here.

The aim is to force the Government’s hand on the planned fuel duty rise and with so many signatories already and just under 50 days until the budget; the Government needs to listen to overwhelming public opinion.

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