Friday 17 September 2010

Good Garage Scheme reveals 15m motorists would fail driving test if they were to retake

An investigation has revealed that almost half of Britain’s 33.5million drivers would not pass their driving test if they were to retake today.

The investigation, carried out by What Car? magazine suggested that 15million motorists have picked up so many bad habits that that they fall below test standard and are an accident risk.

The study, which used volunteer drivers aged between 19 and 70, found that 30% of the volunteers were marked down for poor observation or failing to check for hazards and 15% broke the speed limit or failed to ensure a margin of safety when moving off.

One in ten made incorrect use of signals, failed to stop at pedestrian crossings or maintain adequate control of the car. Troublingly, eight of the volunteers committed errors so serious that an examiner would have failed them on the spot.

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