Monday 9 August 2010

With news breaking that petrol is set to rise to 125.9p per litre, the Good Garage Scheme finds motorists taking action against soaring fuel prices

A recent study looking into fuel consumption has revealed that motorists are more concerned with fuel prices today than a year ago, revealing that a staggering 85% of UK drivers are taking at least one course of action to reduce their fuel bills.

The statistics are far from shocking, with news earlier this month reporting that fuel prices could rise a further 8% by the beginning of 2011 as a result of currency movements and world oil price increases, bringing the nation’s average to 125.9p per litre.

The study, conducted by Nationwide Autocentres, showed that 62% of motorists are driving more slowly and efficiently, 55% are shopping around for fuel, and 50% are reducing the number of journeys taken. Seventeen per cent have gone as far as trading their car in for a more efficient model in the last year, while 3% have even tried alternative fuels such as chip fat.

The Good Garage Scheme recommends the following top five tips for cutting your fuel bills:

1. Reduce your speed, accelerate gently and change into a higher gear as soon as possible

2. Remove any unnecessary accessories, such as roof racks and boxes, and bike carriers to reduce weight

3. Inflate tyres to the correct pressure - an underinflated tyre will use around 3% more fuel!

4. Switch off your air conditioning and save around 10% of your fuel

5. Stick rigidly to service schedules, each service will help the car to perform more economically and efficiently

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