Wednesday 11 August 2010

“Are we there yet?” - Before a long car trip with your little ones, prepare yourself with the Good Garage Scheme’s car tips for parents

Driving with children isn’t always easy and we don’t pretend otherwise. However, taking a few basic steps can make the whole driving experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

• Take plenty of water with you for your little one. It’s very easy for children to become dehydrated when travelling so take extra fluids.
Top Tip:
Freeze bottles of water the night before so the ice will slowly melt during the trip, keeping the water cool on hot days. Large bottles of water stay frozen for several hours, and make very good ice packs.

• Remember to stick sunshades to the window to help keep the sun out of your little one's eyes and off their skin.

• Pack toys, books, games and audio-books to keep your little one amused. Wax crayons can melt in a hot car so if it's colouring that keeps your child happy, go for pencils instead.
Top Tip:
Print off some free online colouring sheets or invest in an In Car DVD player.

• Plan stop-offs if you're travelling a long distance. If your child is old enough to run around, go for somewhere with plenty of space so they can stretch their legs and burn off any excess energy from being belted up in a car.
Top Tip:
Use the RAC Picnic spot finder to find a top rated roadside picnic spot ideal for your family.

• Take snacks that won't melt in a warm car or in hot sticky hands so you're prepared for when your little one gets hungry.
Top Tip:
Choose high energy, non-acidic foods to avoid travel sickness.

• Watch out for any signs of motion sickness. Mild cases can be ‘treated’ by giving the child some sweets to suck on. In other cases it could be necessary to get some medicine that will suppress the symptoms of motion sickness before you travel.

• Bring plenty of wet wipes and tissues – an essential in any car, not just when driving with children.

Roadside Picnic Hotspots

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