Thursday 19 August 2010

Study reveals 15m cars in the UK are dangerously low on oil – top up your car maintenance knowledge with the Good Garage Scheme

Love it or hate it, advanced technology in cars is here to stay. The only trouble is motorists are becoming overly reliant on engine sensors and warning lights on their dashboard which could lead to a host of potential highway horrors, especially when it comes to checking oil.

Why do I need oil?
Oil is vital to a car's health; without it you risk destroying you engine as the Engine oil is mainly used to lubricate the internal surfaces of an engine, reducing friction, heat and wear.  But one in three drivers are not carrying out basic maintenance tasks which could save a potential average bill of more than £1,400 according to Warranty Direct research.

Do I wait for the warning light to come on?
In a nutshell, no! Waiting for a warning light relating to a vehicle’s oil levels is not the way to look after your engine. Oil levels should be checked regularly and failing to check oil can cause major problems for your vehicle.

Further research revealed:

•    50 per cent of vehicles require regular oil top ups.
•    One in five vehicles are low on oil.
•    25 cars a day are ruined due to lack of oil.
•    Eight out of 10 cars checked recently needed oil top ups.
•    New cars are as much at risk as old ones.
•    No warranty covers repairs caused by lack of oil.

What can I do to help?
The Good Garage Scheme suggests checking your oil on a weekly basis to help prevent problems. When oil becomes too old and dirty, you're no longer getting the full benefit of the additives it contains. The oil becomes less effective at cooling and lubricating your engine. What's worse, the increased friction and chemical build-up in used oil can deteriorate your engine's moving parts. 

If you are unsure how to do so, use the Good Garage Schemes Check Your Oil Guide. If you run into problems it is a good idea to keep the contact details of your nearest Good Garage Scheme member in your car for emergencies.

Check Your Oil Guide (photos included)
Good Garage Scheme homepage

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