Wednesday 25 August 2010

How far can a litre take you? The Good Garage Scheme reveals Freddie Flintoff’s top driving tips

Shell’s FuelSave campaign, fronted by Ashes legend Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, aims to save customers a litre of fuel per 50 litre fill-up with its new formulation pump fuel. But just how far can that litre take you?

Freddie Flintoff spent the day testing out how far you could drive with that extra litre of fuel.  At the beginning of the test, Freddie only managed four miles when driving in his usual manner, but improved to more than 13 miles when employing fuel-saving methods. Exact savings figures weren't available from Shell but the ambassador seemed convinced: "I had no idea that by using the right fuel and making a few simple changes to my driving habits, I could be so much more fuel efficient. I went 13 miles on a single litre of FuelSave Unleaded."

At the end of the day, this is something for nothing. The new fuel won’t be any more expensive than the one it replaced.  Families spend a lot on fuel and this gives them a chance to save a bit from their bills. With the economy as it is, that has to be a good thing. And with a few pointers on how to change their driving habits, they could save even more.”

So how can you be fuel efficient like Freddie?

Flintoff’s top 10 tips for saving fuel
1.    Drive smoothly
2.    Use higher gears
3.    Check your tyre pressures
4.    Avoid carrying excess weight
5.    Avoid over-revving
6.    Use cruise control
7.    Use air-con sparingly
8.    Conserve momentum
9.    Remove a roof rack, if fitted
10.    Avoid the rush hour

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