Tuesday 25 May 2010

Coalition compromises – The Good Garage Scheme looks at where the Lib-Con agreement leaves motorists

The coalition manifesto between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats was published last week, revealing the compromises both parties have made on their individual promises. But where does the 36-page document leave the average motorist?

The agreement places heavy emphasis on green sustainability and improving rail travel across Britain, rather than helping motorists already on the road. Such improvements for rail travel include a pledge on fair pricing for rail travel, a phased-in high speed network for the whole of Britain and incentives for rail operators to improve trains and stations. On the road we will see a tackling of rogue private sector wheel clampers and the introduction of new HGV user charging to ensure a fairer arrangement for UK hauliers. Future fixed speed cameras will be replaced by alternative, more efficient measures such as the introduction of the new roadside drug detector.

There is no mention of the ‘Fair Fuel Stabiliser’ scheme enthusiastically proposed by Cameron during the run-up to the election, nor the promise to clamp down on disruptive road works which overrun. Rural motorists have also been let down, as the Lib-Dem promise of lower fuel duty for rural motorists has been left out of the agreement.

As the new government has pledged to 'make the transport sector greener and more sustainable', motorists should expect a tougher stance on emissions and this could mean increased taxes on the way.

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