Friday 16 April 2010

Good Garage Scheme help garages fight back with the after-effects of the Scrappage Scheme

An estimated 330,000 new vehicles were sold through the scrappage scheme, protecting thousands of jobs and providing a boost to the economy. However, despite the many successes, the Good Garage Scheme has found that the scheme has caused problems for independent garages.

Many small, independent garages rely on a daily influx of old cars to MOT, service and repair to keep their businesses running. By scrapping old, perfectly serviceable vehicles and replacing them with brand new vehicles, the scrappage scheme has caused a reduction in the workload of older cars. This has meant less servicing and repair work for mechanics to carry out, resulting in job losses and other cutbacks. It has also caused a knock-on effect on Motor Factors as they are selling fewer parts.

These problems have been ‘brushed under the rug’ and glossed over by news reports, adding a further sting to garages. Jan Lord posted on the Good Garage Scheme’s Facebook page, “No one seems to mention the number of MOT testers and mechanics who have all lost their jobs as part of the car scrappage scheme.”

Jane Morris further commented, “We are feeling the effects big time this year and together with ever increasing overheads it is getting harder and harder to keep going.”

Despite the challenges, garages have been fighting back with the help of the Good Garage Scheme. With upwards of 330,000 vehicles scrapped, garages are becoming increasingly creative and consumer-aware when attracting business from the remaining circulation of vehicles.

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