Tuesday 13 April 2010

Drivers opting out of service a worrying thought - the Good Garage Scheme recommends regular servicing to save money

Hard-up motorists are putting themselves at risk by failing to take their cars in for their annual services - because they can't afford the cost.

A leading fast fit network has revealed that 36 per cent of drivers opted against paying for a service, relying instead on their cars passing MOTs in a penny saving measure. But in doing so, they are often being hit harder in the pocket and leaving themselves in danger, because many vehicles fail with serious faults.

The ongoing economic downturn was playing a big part in motorists' decisions to opt out of taking annual services. Instead, motorists have been relying on the MOT to judge their vehicle performance. As a result of this, garages are seeing a lot more vehicles arriving with major faults and minor faults which would have been picked up on a normal service.

Good Garage Scheme recommends motorists locate their nearest garage using the Good Garage Scheme website, and agree on an amount before commencing work. Regular services could save a significant amount of money in the long run.

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