Thursday 1 April 2010

David Cameron visits Good Garage Scheme member MECA Services in Exeter

Last week David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, visited Good Garage Scheme member MECA Services South West, Exeter’s only award winning lady-owned garage.

Writing on her blog, owner Jennifer Riach explained: “Whilst touring my workshops (along with the media frenzy that shadowed us wherever we went) I also talked to David, predominantly about the issues surrounding small businesses, the impact the recession has had on us, and how support from the community - from other small businesses as well as from the local media such as the Express & Echo and Exeter FM - have been paramount to our survival through hard times. Up in the privacy of my office we talked about other matters such as when I was a civil servant, the small business support needed in order to be able to offer apprenticeships, the community events I run for charity - this year being for the Devon Air Amubulance Trust, and my forthcoming climb of Kilimanjaro for Sparks charity, the latter of which he took a particularly personal interest in.”

After showing the potential future Prime Minister around her garage, Riach said: "Hopefully he will take away a better understanding of the struggle for small businesses and what will help our survival. He seemed to be very supportive and understanding of how we support each other in the community, and he seems to be genuinely interested in what he can do."

MECA have been members of the Good Garage Scheme since November 2007 and have received high praise from their customers. They are also the FSB 2009 Small Business Employer of the Year.

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