Monday 1 March 2010

Good Garage Scheme finds - Brits own up to Bumps!

A quick bump in a quiet car park or slight scrape on a road side can leave a motorist with the temptation to quickly drive away before anyone notices. However the car review website,, was quietly impressed by the overall honesty of website visitors who responded to this poll.

The latest research by this website has revealed that 61 per cent would own up to damaging someone else's car, even if no one was around to witness the accident.

Although the majority were honest, more than one in three (39 per cent) said they would take the opportunity to sneak away. This kind of activity is a major headache for the unfortunate victims. It is not only heartbreaking, but it can leave the victim with an expensive repair bill on their hands.

Says the website's spokesperson, Faye Sunderland: "It was good to see that most motorists display honest characteristics and are likely to leave their details at the scene of the accident if they were ever involved in damaging some else's car.

There is still a minority of more devious sorts who would worry about the cost to themselves and the effect on their insurance rating; others would perhaps be overcome with embarrassment. I would hope they would think hard about what it is like for the other person before sneaking away, after all it can happen to any one of us. They might be the victim of the next 'scrape and run incident'," she concludes.

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