Friday 5 March 2010

Been driving on salted roads? Don’t get peppered with car trouble!

The snow and ice have gone and we can all get back to driving without the risk of skidding or getting stuck in perilous conditions. But for the thousands of motorists who have braved roads in the worst winter for 30 years, the salted roads could leave their cars peppered with problems.

Salt build up can be highly corrosive if left unattended and can cause major long-term damage to your vehicle’s underbody. In addition to this, one of the motorists’ worst enemies – the pothole – has been appearing more and more. Driving and hitting a pothole can ruin tyres and can damage wheels. Visibility is crucial so topping up your windscreen washer is essential. If you can see a pothole ahead and avoid the problem in the first place, the chances are you will avoid potentially costly repairs. Leaving salt build-up unattended can result in corroding bodywork.

The Good Garage Scheme recommends cleaning cars thoroughly with a high pressure washer (except on engine and electronics) to protect against salt corrosion.

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