Monday 25 July 2016

Driving Abroad This Summer?

Here are some tips from the Good Garage Scheme for driving abroad this summer.

1. Don't assume all road laws are the same. Familiarise yourself with the highway codes in the countries where you will drive. You will be driving on new roads with signs in foreign languages. The more you know beforehand, the more relaxed you will be, especially if you are concentrating on driving on the left.

2. Check if there is any compulsory equipment you need to carry in the car. Some countries require items such as breathalysers, high visibility jackets and warning triangles by law.

3. Make sure you have all required documentation including a check code. The check code was introduced after the paper licence was no longer required and is valid for 21 days. It allows a hire company to check your details.

If you need to apply for one, please visit the Gov.UK website link here.

Before you go, ensure your car is in top condition. Visit your local Good Garage Scheme member to have a Holiday Check and ensure your tyres and fluid levels are good to go.

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