Monday 13 June 2016

Driving to France for Euro 2016?

If you are driving to France over the next few weeks to see some live football matches at Euro 2016,
Good Garage Scheme's animated character, Miles Better, with footballhere are some handy tips from the the Good Garage Scheme:

What you'll need

All drivers, including motorcyclists, must carry a warning triangle, hi-visibility jacket and a breathalyser with them. According to French law,  you must be able to produce an unused and certified breathalyser (showing an ‘NF’ number) and it is recommended that you carry two in case one is damaged.

Seat belts and child passengers          

Seat belts must be worn if available and children under ten must travel in a car seat and not in the front passenger seat unless there are no rear seat belts, or the if the back seats are already occupied by other children under ten.
It’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all passengers under 18 are properly restrained.

Watch your speed

Speed limits are indicated by road signs, in kilometres per hour. These are usually 50km/h (31mph) in built-up areas, 90km/h (55mph) outside built-up areas, 110km/h (68mph) on urban motorways and dual carriages, and 130km/h (80mph) on regular motorways. During poor weather, these limits will change, so be aware of the conditions before you set off.

Before you go

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition before you set off.
Visit your nearest Good Garage Scheme member garage for a Holiday Check to ensure you arrive safely and in time for the match.

Bon voyage!

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