Wednesday 18 March 2015

BBC Radio Oxford Interviews Good Garage Scheme member

Mike Nash, NMV Service, Mechanic in workshop
photo courtesy of NMV Services Ltd

Kat Orman of BBC Radio Oxford called on her family mechanic at NMV Services in Faringdon,
Oxfordshire and interviewed owner and mechanic, Mike Nash, live on the morning programme on Wednesday, 11th March 2015.

She asked some great questions including, "How do customers react when you have to give bad news?" He answered that he is good at it because he understands what it is like as he has a family and is sympathetic to their reaction.

Kat also asked Mike to imagine if he weren't a mechanic and then asked how he would find a trustworthy garage. Without missing a beat he answered, "Good Garage Scheme."
He went on to say he had been a member of the scheme since 2010 and he enjoyed being a member and working with the Good Garage Scheme.

When asked what guarantees a customer had with a Good Garage Scheme member garage, Mike answered, "Customers can see all reviews that previous customers leave with cards or online. It is an opportunity to see bad press as well as good and helps everyone."

Kat Orman then asked Mike how the garage is regulated. He answered, "We are regulated by the cards (feedback) received and if bad reports are received, the Good Garage Scheme can strike you off the list."

The BBC presenter then went on to interview marketing manager, Anndi Sheppard, to find out more about the Good Garage Scheme.

The link is available to hear on iPlayer for a limited period here.

For more information about NMV Services Ltd in Faringdon, click here.

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