Friday 12 December 2014

What's in your favourite Christmas drink?

Did you know a glass of mulled wine contains the same calories as three pieces of chocolate orange?

Whilst Christmas is all about enjoying yourself, it’s important to keep an eye on what you’re drinking during the festivities so that you don’t regularly exceed the daily unit guidelines and put on any extra Christmas plump in the process.

Here is a handy guide to some popular Christmas drinks to help you stay within the guidelines and stop you from piling on the pounds.

Units: 1.5 units in a 125ml glass
Calories: 89
Equivalent to: 2 pigs in blankets

Units: 0.9 units in a small (50ml) thimble glass (17.5% strength)
Calories: 77
Equivalent to: small slice of chocolate log

Mulled wine
Units: 2.3 units in a 175ml glass
Calories: 134
Equivalent to: three pieces of chocolate orange

Irish cream liqueur (Baileys etc)
Units: 0.9 units in 50ml measure
Calories: 175
Equivalent to: two mini mince pies

Units: One per (25ml) measure of 40% brandy
Calories: 61
Equivalent to: 3 cocktail sausages

If none of the above are your usual tipple and you'd like to know how many units and calories are in other alcoholic drinks, this unit calculator has all the information you need.

Still not sure about alcohol units? Watch this short video from Drinkaware.
 based on an average adult

This blog has been written with permission from Drinkaware, an independent charity working to  reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK.

The Good Garage Scheme would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

If you are drinking alcohol,
please do not drive. 
It is not worth the risk.

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