Wednesday 19 November 2014

Look Out for Each Other on the Roads

The Good Garage Scheme is supporting the road safety charity, Brake, with this year's week-long campaign to "Look out for each other". 

The campaign focuses on drivers being made aware of the more vulnerable people using the roads.

In this year’s Road Safety Week running from 17-23 November 2014, Brake are particularly calling on drivers to:
  • protect people on foot and bike by slowing down to 20 miles per hour in communities
  • look longer and take it slow at junctions and bends
  • and giving people plenty of room. 
They are also asking everyone to put safety first and be considerate to one another, encouraging people on foot and bike to never take chances, and make sure they can be seen.

Brake are appealing to everyone to show their commitment to care and compassion on roads by making and sharing Brake's Pledge, a pledge to do simple things to protect you and people around you, build happier communities and help them save the planet. It is not a financial commitment but rather a reminder to commitment that drivers and passengers can make to avoid injury and accidents and improve health and the environment.

Visit Brake's website page and make the pledge.

For more information about Brake, visit

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