Monday 4 March 2013

Banish Winter Car Blues with a Spring Check

As winter slowly fades away the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to get their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe and reliable in the months ahead.  Good Garage Scheme workshops across the UK are offering a Spring Check to give drivers peace of mind and ensure their cars are in good health after the winter.

Extreme weather conditions and salted roads can contribute to adverse effects on a car’s vital components including the steering, suspension, wheels and tyres.   

With the first day of spring just around the corner on 20th March, the Good Garage Scheme also recommends that motorists have their air conditioning systems checked.  Harmful bacteria and mould may have built up in the ducts of systems that have been switched off during the winter, posing a health risk to drivers as they switch them back on.

Phil Dugmore, the Good Garage Scheme’s Technical Manager, comments: “The harsh winter may well have taken its toll on vital car components.  The Good Garage Scheme’s Spring Check aims to help give motorists the confidence that their car is in top condition as the days get longer and the weather starts to improve.”

Visit and enter your postcode to find your local Good Garage Scheme workshop offering the Spring Check to ensure your car is in good health as the warm weather returns. 

Smartphone users can also download a free iPhone or Android app to help them locate a nearby Good Garage Scheme member anywhere in the UK.

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