Monday 26 November 2012

More Rain Predicted...Wet Weather Driving Advice from the Good Garage Scheme

Most of us have seen some heavy rain over the past few days and the weather reports warn of more to come with flood warnings in various regions. If you do need to drive, please check the weather first and take extra care.

Here are some wet weather driving tips from the Good Garage Scheme :

Slow down
One of the fundamental parts of conquering the wet roads is to reduce the speed at which you travel. The three main controls of steering, braking and accelerating are all less effective under wet conditions so slowing down and gentle use of these controls will enable you to manage the car more steadily.

Increase your following distance
The usual 2-second rule should at least be doubled in wet conditions. Brakes are not as responsive in the rain; therefore this will allow you more time to think and react and will greatly reduce the chance of a collision.

Be aware of floodwater
Make sure you show great caution to any water that has collected at the side of roads as this can cover up potholes as well as creating further risk of aquaplaning.

On approaching deep water on the road
Don’t panic! When driving through deeper sections of water you should always keep your engine revving, moving at a constant yet slow speed without endangering other drivers or pedestrians.

After passing through deep water it is important to check your brakes, as they will probably be saturated and may not function properly.
If you have driven through deep water and your car is not performing well, contact your nearest Good Garage Scheme member and ask a professional to check it for you.

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