Tuesday 3 January 2012

Do you recognise driver location signs?

Driver location signs were introduced in 2003 and are designed to be read at speed. They all look alike, whether they are on a motorway or an A road. They have yellow lettering on a blue background with a white border.

How to recognise a driver location sign:

The information is shown in three rows:

•    the first row shows the number of the motorway or A road
•    the centre row shows the direction of travel (for example, on the M25, clockwise is shown as 'A',  while anti-clockwise is shown as 'B')
•    the last row shows the distance, accurate to within 20 metres, from the assumed start point of the motorway or A road

The information on the signs will be useful if you need to report:

•    your location during a breakdown
•    a road traffic incident
•    debris on the road

For more information on driver location signs see here.
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Steph Savill said...

I always wondered. Thank you for explaining this. What is the starting point of the M25 I wonder?

Good Garage Scheme said...

We think it's Dartford (Junction 1)